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What is you Favourite Memory of Lakefield?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Whether we are 10 or 100 each of us has a special memory of growing up here, moving to Lakefield, or just learning about some incredible interesting part of Lakefield and its past. My father grew up at a time before the power plant was built, when the river still had a water falls (hence the original name Nelson's Fall).

I played endlessly in the ruins of the Canada Cement plant, and walked the railbeds from the old plant to the quarry and Buckley's Lake. I sailed to Georgian Bay twice on the Sea Queen sailboat with our local troop of Sea Scouts. I swam to the island and swung on to tire swing that hung on the east side of the island. I hunted for fossils at the quarry, and thought nothing in the world was impossible.

What is your favourite memory? Favourite person? A time, a place a memory. Share it with us by posting to this blog!

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